Swordale Equinox X369

Owner: Messrs Watt
Herd: Swordale
Breed: Aberdeen Angus
Sex: Bull
Animal Name: Swordale Equinox X369
Tag ID: UK502812 200369
Date of Birth: 2021-06-06
Semen Tested: No
In-Calf: N/A
Calf at Foot: N/A
Link to Pedigree: http://abri.une.edu.au/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=3E37202F&2=2420&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=275D5A592324232622&9=505C5B5B
Link to EBVs: http://abri.une.edu.au/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=3E37202F&2=242D&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=275D5A592324232622&10=0F0A010D3A3C00
Vaccinations: Pneumonia
Medications Administered:
Animal Health Scheme:
Herd Health Status:Elite Hi-Health
TB Area: TB 4
Farm County: Sutherland

One of the best bulls we have ever bred. A great carcass bull with loads of style!

Price Per Lot: POA