It’s been a very challenging year in some parts of the country with severe droughts effecting grass growth. This is certainly something we have experienced at home with grazing parks being scorched throughout much of the Summer. That being said, the livestock have done well, and we are now seeing a late resurgence of grass. Let’s hope we get an extended backend to the grazing season!

In recent years we have been planting Winter Brassicas to strip graze the cattle and following this up with new grass in the Spring. This gives us a good rotation and allows for that extra bit of Winter feed which will be required this year. The cold Spring that we had, followed by severe droughts has not helped this year’s reseed, but the growth rate of new grass always amazes me when compared to the very old grass that we still have too much of!! Even with the drought, the previous year’s new reseeds have well out produced the rest of the grazing parks.

After getting a late cut of silage from this year’s reseed it was encouraging to see the cattle back on the field just a week later and swamped with grass (pictured above). It’s a slow process to get all the fields back into full production but it helps business resilience during tough seasons and mixing new grass with drought resistant herb varieties could well be the key going forward!