LL XChange are delighted to introduce LSL Business Marketplace to our website. This new feature will offer our members who have rural and associated businesses the opportunity to promote and sell directly to our community as if it was their very own ecommerce website!! Here’s how it works….

Sign-up and upload any products to your marketplace stall for customers to buy direct from your business via PayPal. LL XChange will provide your shop window for our community, and with our different membership packages we can offer you a range of retail space:

  • Free Membership – upload 3 different categories with 3 products allowed in each category. Sales are made directly between you and your customers via PayPal with only 6% sales commission charged by LL XChange.
  • Ultimate Membership (£10 per month) – Upload 5 categories with 10 products allowed in category (that’s space for 50 products). Only 4% commission will be charged on sales with Ultimate Membership.
  • Ultimate + Membership (£30 per month) – This is our premium membership package and as such we will offer you 10 sale categories with unlimited products in each section (That’s a lot of selling space!!). We will also offer a further reduced commission of 2% on sales.

A great opportunity to advertise your products online without having to pay for website building costs or any yearly hosting fees! It’s your shop window to change and upgrade products as you have them available. This can also be branded up with your logo and is linked to your profile page business stall where you can create business cards and fliers to further promote your products.

Open your business up to our online community today!