LL XChange App

We are delighted to announce the release of an App for LL XChange!! This is available for both Apple and Android which can be downloaded FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The addition of a site App will make is very quick and easy to use LL XChange on the go!

LL XChange is for both producers and consumers of rural and associated products.

Just a reminder of the services we can provide:

  • Private Sales Pen – Livestock Sales
  • Bespoke Private Sale Catalogues available for Ultimate & Ultimate + Members (Downloadable)
  • Weekly Live Timed Auctions – Both Livestock & Machinery / Equipment
  • Update Your Personal / Business Profile
      1. Your Farming Showcase
      2. Display Animal Health & Welfare
      3. Register Your Business / Service or Diversification
      4. See Your Latest News Posts
  • LSL Business Space
      1. List your Business on our Register
      2. Accommodation Booking Links available for Holiday Lets, B & Bs or Hotels to insert their preferred provider
      3. Business Card Creation (Downloadable)
      4. Business Flier Creation (Downloadable)
  • LSL Business Marketplace – This feature will offer our members who have rural and associated businesses the opportunity to promote and sell directly to our community as if it was their very own ecommerce website! Build your retail shop window right here on LL XChange!
  • Access to Our Latest News Forums
  • Search Through Our Website
  • Contact Other Members

Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download your FREE LL XChange App today!

New Grass

It’s been a very challenging year in some parts of the country with severe droughts effecting grass growth. This is certainly something we have experienced at home with grazing parks being scorched throughout much of the Summer. That being said, the livestock have done well, and we are now seeing a late resurgence of grass. Let’s hope we get an extended backend to the grazing season!

In recent years we have been planting Winter Brassicas to strip graze the cattle and following this up with new grass in the Spring. This gives us a good rotation and allows for that extra bit of Winter feed which will be required this year. The cold Spring that we had, followed by severe droughts has not helped this year’s reseed, but the growth rate of new grass always amazes me when compared to the very old grass that we still have too much of!! Even with the drought, the previous year’s new reseeds have well out produced the rest of the grazing parks.

After getting a late cut of silage from this year’s reseed it was encouraging to see the cattle back on the field just a week later and swamped with grass (pictured above). It’s a slow process to get all the fields back into full production but it helps business resilience during tough seasons and mixing new grass with drought resistant herb varieties could well be the key going forward!

LSL Business Marketplace

LL XChange are delighted to introduce LSL Business Marketplace to our website. This new feature will offer our members who have rural and associated businesses the opportunity to promote and sell directly to our community as if it was their very own ecommerce website!! Here’s how it works….

Sign-up and upload any products to your marketplace stall for customers to buy direct from your business via PayPal. LL XChange will provide your shop window for our community, and with our different membership packages we can offer you a range of retail space:

  • Free Membership – upload 3 different categories with 3 products allowed in each category. Sales are made directly between you and your customers via PayPal with only 6% sales commission charged by LL XChange.
  • Ultimate Membership (£10 per month) – Upload 5 categories with 10 products allowed in category (that’s space for 50 products). Only 4% commission will be charged on sales with Ultimate Membership.
  • Ultimate + Membership (£30 per month) – This is our premium membership package and as such we will offer you 10 sale categories with unlimited products in each section (That’s a lot of selling space!!). We will also offer a further reduced commission of 2% on sales.

A great opportunity to advertise your products online without having to pay for website building costs or any yearly hosting fees! It’s your shop window to change and upgrade products as you have them available. This can also be branded up with your logo and is linked to your profile page business stall where you can create business cards and fliers to further promote your products.

Open your business up to our online community today!

In Vitro Embryo Production

Just over a month ago we put one of our Senior cows away for embryo collection via IVP at AB Europe. We were delighted with the results which saw our cow produce 28 oocytes on 2 separate collections. From these collections we managed to get 23 embryos frozen down to some top Angus Sires. Gracie K522 is the Dam of both bulls pictured above……just need a lot of recipients lined up now!!

If you would like more information regarding this process you will find a link to AB Europe on our Sponsors List

Welcome to LL XChange

I am delighted to welcome you all to the new look LL XChange website. Throughout the start of this year we have been rebranding and redeveloping our business concept to further serve the farming community with additional add-ons for livestock producers as well as information being available for consumers.

This new interactive platform will be released in 2 separate phases which will cover Livestock & Farm Business Promotion, Livestock Sales, Farm Diversifications, Environmental Topics, Production Efficiency and Farm Produced Foods.

This initial phase 1 launch will include all the livestock and business promotional tools which we will strive to continually evolve to best suit our member’s needs. To login you can either create a new profile, or simply use your Facebook details for ease of use. This will automatically recognise you and direct you to creating your own profile page. Feel free to browse through the website and see what we have to offer, if you have any question please feel free to email us on farming@llxchange.com. We also have various forum topics as well as a blog and our Facebook Community Page.

Live Auctions

We are open to receive vendor uploads for our next Live-Timed Auction as of 9am tomorrow morning. Buyers will be able to view Lots and bid from 9am Tuesday to the close of sale on Friday at 3pm. We have put a great deal of thought and attention to detail into this live auction to cater for both the Vendor and the Buyers needs.
Secure payments are transferred through PayPal.