An online trading site for all Rural and Associated Businesses

LL XChange is an online community created as a trading marketplace for the country’s farmers, rural producers, retailers and consumers. The platform is specifically designed to promote all rural and associated businesses, buy and sell livestock, retail produce, and chat all things agricultural with like-minded people in our forum topics.

Livestock can be sold safely via the website using either the private sale pen or live auction features. This gives the user the choice to sell their livestock as a direct farm-to-farm sale. Registration with the site is free of charge.

All business, from farming, to selling machinery & equipment, to retailing products or holiday accommodation, can reap the benefits that LL Xchange has to offer. We provide your very own business space to advertise and promote along with specialised tools for flyer and business card creation. In addition to this, our marketplace is ideal for any retailers looking to setup an online shop window with e-commerce and click & collect sales. Join up for free today and see how we can help expand your business.

The website has been developed by Scottish farmer Sandy Watt to give the rural sector a means of promoting and trading their products and livestock to a wider community. Sandy has lived on a farm in the north of Scotland all his life, brought up surrounded by various types and breeds of livestock. He and his family have a real passion and belief in what they do and are keen to play their part in helping to drive the industry forward.

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, because as anyone involved in the industry knows, farming is not just a job, but a way of life,” explains Sandy.

“I am enthusiastic and thrilled to help facilitate the promotion of our industry through LL Xchange. Farming is one of the oldest professions in the world, yet still so vital for our future where food production is of primary importance.”