AB Europe IVP Services

In Vitro embryo Production (IVP) is a cost effective, versatile, and welfare friendly service particularly suited to cattle breeders who wish to enhance the genetic potential of their herds.

The IVP process produces embryos from collected oocytes (unfertilised eggs). The oocytes are fertilized within a petri dish by selected semen, and subsequently cultured for seven days until fully developed embryos can be transferred or frozen.

As a now widely used method of producing embryos, IVP is often chosen over traditional MOET for its flexibility and multiple benefits to breeders and their donor animals.

We can collect oocytes from individual donors  at the AB Europe livery centre which facilitates regular collections and is managed by our cattle vet Gavin Tait, or should you wish to do multiple donors we also provide an on farm service for collections and embryo transfers.  


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